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Student Survey

1. Is the survey anonymous?

Although you need to login in Fénix to access the survey, your ID will not match with the answers. Those answers are only used for statistics purposes and the results are after displayed if they fill the requirements that are explicit in the regulation of QUC guaranteeing anonymity.

2. Is the survey mandatory?

No. After you fill out the Initial Board (Curricular Unit workload), that requires information to estimate ECTS, you can choose to answer or not, giving the reason why you don’t want to answer the survey. In spite of that, don’t forget that the surveys are an important tool to monitoring the Curricular Unit, and Teaching Staff, performance.

3. What type of information is necessary to fill out the Initial Board?

The Initial Board sets a list of Curricular Units, where you were enrolled during the semester with the respective number of contact hours per week. You just need to fill the blank spaced items related to:
i) Percentage of classes attended during the semester;
ii) Percentage of number of autonomous work (NHAW) per week, based on the average number of NHAW per week during the semester;
iii) Number of study days during the exam season per Curricular Unit.

4. How’s the survey structured?

The survey is divided in two parts. The first one has 4 groups with different questions about the Curricular Unit workload, organization, evaluation and acquired knowledge along the semester with this UC. The second part is optional and it’s about the Teaching Staff. For further information, please click here to see an example of the survey.

5. What formula is used to calculate the ECTS?

ECTS student= ( ( %C * NCH + %E * NHAW ) * 14 + NSD * 8 ) / 28

  • NHAW = Average of weekly hours spent on the course during class time (information introduced by student)
  • %C = Percentage of classes attended (information introduced by student)
  • %E = Percentage allocation of NHAW regarding the Course Unit (information introduced by student)
  • NCH = Number of contact hours per week regarding the Course Unit (system information)
  • NSD = Number of study days around exam time for the Course Unit(information introduced by student)

It is assumed that the 1 semester has 14 class weeks; 1 study day around exam time corresponds to 8 working hours; 1 ECTS corresponds to 28 working hours in a semester.

6. What does autonomous work mean?

Autonomous work is the time devoted by a student to research study, individual and group work, etc.

7. Are the course unit surveys made public?

Yes, if there are at least 10 valid surveys submitted, which account for at least 30% of the number of students enrolled.

How to fill out surveys

1. Is it possible to edit the Initial Board after submitting it?

No, after you fill out and submit the information in Initial Board, you can’t go back to edit it.

2. When does the survey period expire?

The survey period will end simultaneously with the enrollment period in the following semester.

3. How can I know that all my surveys are filled out in order to enroll in the next semester with no problem?

In Fénix click on “Student” and then on the left side “QUC – Surveys”. If you have already filled out all surveys the following message will appear: “All your surveys are filled out. Many thanks for cooperating”.