Instituto Superior Técnico

Qualidade das Unidades Curriculares


As soon as the QUC system was created, in its current format (2nd semester 2007/08), it was planned to be extended to all Course Units (UC) taught at IST. In its first stage, all 1st and 2nd cycle Course Units running normally were covered (i.e., lectures, problem-solving classes, and/or laboratory classes) and, in 2012/13, as part of a pilot exercise, the QUC was also extended to 3rd cycle Course Units running similarly.

At this stage (2013-2014), the Pedagogical Council of IST treated the extension of the QUC system to dissertation course units as priority, due to the need to find the reasons that have resulted in

  • very weak conclusion rates;
  • average dissertation conclusion times significantly longer than what is set.

The identification of constraints that lead to the previously mentioned problems should result in the adoption of preventive and corrective measures of these situations in the future, such as provided for in the regulations of the QUC system.

In its trial stage, this survey is not yet integrated in the Fénix system. Just as for other surveys of this system, all answers are kept confidential, and any connection to the identification of the student is broken after the submission notice is sent.