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The project entitled Manual of Good Practices started at the beginning of the 2008/2009 academic year, under the cooperation between the QUC team and Academic Development Unit (GATu), coordinated by the Pedagogical Council.

Under this project, some teaching practices have been collected and systematized, which have been developed by IST excellent teachers as a result of their performance in 2nd cycle and 3rd cycle Course Units.

The purpose of this collection and systematization of pedagogical practices (some of which innovative) is to make them accessible to all Higher Education teachers, either through studies or interviews made to excellent teachers under the QUC system. This Manual of Good Practices will be continuous and updated over the years, and complemented on a regular basis by the edition of useful links, dissemination of reference articles in the field of pedagogy in Higher Education, in general, and in the area of Science and Technology, in particular, therefore benefitting from the contributions of the whole academic community.

These pages contain, organized by topics:

  • Studies regarding Teaching Practices at IST
  • Interviews to outstanding faculty members
  • Good Pedagogical Practices (external and internal presentations)
  • Papers regarding Education and Good Practices and useful Links