Instituto Superior Técnico

Qualidade das Unidades Curriculares

1st Semester of 2017/18 results available

18 of April, 2018

The 1st Semester of 2017/2018 results are already available, as other documents like:

  • Summary of all the curricular units’ results in each course of IST;
  • List of all the excellent professors;
  • Summary of students participation since 2010/2011;
  • Poster with global results of the 1st semester of 2017/18 (portrait and landscape version).

The highlights of this QUC edition are:

  • More than a half of IST professors had very good or excellent results.
  • Only 13 curricular units had results “to improve”, between a total of 893 curricular units with a survey available to fill.


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