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Qualidade das Unidades Curriculares


The IST Course Unit Quality System is aimed at following up the functioning of each course unit, by promoting responsible involvement of students and teachers in the teaching, learning and assessment process.

In 2016, QUC system was recognized as a Best Practice in the thematic field Higher Education of the IST Good Practices Observatory (ObservIST).

This section gives you an overview of the

  • Main documents and origin of this system;
  • Outcomes of the course units and teachers in each semester;

Soon you will be able to find information on the Manual of Good Practices, which comprises some of the conclusions that relate to the functioning of the QUC (Course Unit Quality System).

Should you have any doubts on the functioning of the system, please go to the  FAQ, or email us to


  • 14 of Nov.
  • 2018

2nd Semester of 2017/18 results available

The 2nd  Semester of 2017/2018 results are already available, as other documents like:

Summary of all the curricular units’ results in each course of IST;
List of the excellent professors;
Summary of students participation since 2010/2011;
Poster with global results of the 2nd semester of 2017/18.

The highlights of this QUC edition are:

More than …

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