Instituto Superior Técnico

Qualidade das Unidades Curriculares

Curricular Units Audits

In the end of each semester, and for each Curricular Unit under an audit process, there will be presented the analysis of the process with the main conclusions, the suggested correction and implemented methods. The document has also the QUC results of the last 3 years before the audited semester for a better understanding the evolution of a given Curricular Unit.

Academic year 1st Semester 2nd Semester
2011/2012 Audits (PDF, 140KB) Audits (PDF, 169KB)
2012/2013 Audits (PDF, 132KB) Audits (PDF, 134KB)
2013/2014 Audits (PDF, 189KB) Audits (PDF, 143KB)
2014/2015 Audias (PDF, 188KB) Audits (PDF, 146KB)
2015/2016 Audits (PDF, 130KB) Audits (PDF, 159KB)
2016/2017  Audits (PDF, 12KB)  Audits (PDF, 33KB)
2017/2018  Audits (PDF, 16KB)  n.a.

n.a. – no available.

Every year, will be available another document with the evolution of all the Curricular Units, based on QUC results, that have been audited since the academic year 2008/2009.